Kick Out Opens For Musical Legends Steve Fataar and Errol Dyers

This was always going to be a special night. I have known Richard Duane of Kick Out for about two years now. He has always impressed with his solo rendition of Old Manby Crosby Stills Nash and Young, being possibly the biggest fan of the awesome foursome.

Kick Out

It came as no surprise that he joined up with accomplished local musicians Dave Boon, Colin Gordon (ex Urban Blues) and Geoff Broomberg to form Kick Out, a band dedicated to the music of Crosby Stills Nash & Young. The harmonising between them is so good that it seems almost impossible to believe these guys only got together six months ago. Dave and Richard met at one of the open mic nights Plebs are famous for and started jamming together. Along the way, Colin Gordon joined them, having had to give up the most demanding gig and rehearsal schedule of Urban Blues because of other commitments. As a trio, they rehearsed and gigged, until one night they heard the amazing Geoff Broomberg harmonising from the audience when playing at the Bomb Shelter. Some of the most beautiful songs played tonight were Mrs Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel), Marrakesh Express, and Teach your Children, as well as favourite, Old Man.

 Kick Out at Plebs 3 December 2017
Photography by Jenny Calder

Dave plays electric/acoustic/Bass Guitars and harmonica, Geoff plays acoustic guitar and also does percussion, Colin Plays Bass guitar and acoustic/electric and Richard plays Ukulele/Banjo/Harmonica/electric/acoustic/Bass and a bit of piano.

They also perform as a Duo / Trio and as well as a four piece in all the different configurations required by the venue/event, so we have Kick Out Duo. This could consist of Richard, Dave, Richard, Colin, Richard, Geoff, Geoff, David, Geoff, and Colin, David and Colin – each duo offers a different style of music, the same applies to the Kick Out Trio combinations, so as the Kick Out Band they have a huge database of music to draw from.

Contact 'Kick Out' through their facebook page here! - and the venue Plebs through their facebook page here!

Steve Fataar and Errol Dyers

Tonight another dream came true. Watching Steve Fataar and Errol Dyers perform live, is much more than can ever be imagined. Let age take nothing away from them. Guitarist Steve Fataar, who back in 1963 formed the world famous band THE FLAMES, with bassist Brother Fataar (real name Edries Fataar), drummer George Faber and guitarist Eugene Champion, is considered the godfather of South African music. Tonight at Plebs, I saw in him the young, charismatic performer that charmed old and young alike. Nothing compares to watching Steve Fataar belting out For Your Precious Love, a song that reached the number one spot on the local charts in 1968, and yet has remained a firm favourite since then. There isn’t a venue that Steve isn’t asked to play this song. He told us a true story of an incident, which happened about five years ago when he still smoked weed, cigarettes, and everything else. He had gone to score his ‘bankie’ and placed it firmly under his arm, which allowed him enough arm movement to drive, gesticulate or speak on his phone while driving. He knew he was in trouble when a traffic cop pulled up next to him and asked him to pull over. What he did not expect to hear was the cop saying ‘sir, will you please sing For Your Precious Love’.

Steve was accompanied by Errol Dyers, the legendary born and bred Cape Town musician, whose style is often referred to as Cape Jazz or Goema. Errol’s creativity extends beyond his music though, he also writes poems and plays. His unique acoustic guitar style echoes ancestral sounds that capture the musical tradition and guitar play of the century-old Cape indigenous and folk music. Errol’s performance was superb and in true showman style, it was only afterwards that he indicated to Steve that perhaps he should be driven to the hospital instead of home, where he was discharged on Tuesday.

Errol Dyers and Steve Fataar at Plebs 3 December 2016
Photography by Jenny Calder

Plebs and Brian Easton

A huge thank you to Brian Easton who continues to bring class acts to Plebs in Mowbray. This intimate venue is fast becoming a firm favourite with the locals.


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