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STARKS DAEMON Unleashes Debut EP UNCHAIN and Video for 'Too Deep'

STARKS DAEMON Unleashes Debut EP UNCHAIN and Video for 'Too Deep'

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By Underground Press

Published Monday, 13 May 2024 09:08

Starks Daemon, one of Africa's leading figures in the rock/metal scene, has just released his debut EP Unchain along with a gripping video for the track 'Too Deep'. The EP, available online since March 3, 2024, quickly topped the African Metal charts, holding the number one spot for four weeks.

Hailing from Botswana, Starks Daemon has been the frontman of international metal band Wrust for over 23 years, sharing the stage with legends such as Sepultura, Carcass, and Entombed. Now, Starks is taking his career in a new direction, focusing on his solo brand and unleashing his creative vision on a global scale.

The EP's inspiration comes from the profound events surrounding the pandemic, highlighting humanity's vulnerabilities, and questioning the status quo. Starks explains, "The album encourages listeners to unchain their minds, question authority, and search for their own truths beyond institutional narratives." His lyrics challenge societal norms, touching on themes from fear and manipulation to genetically modified food concerns.

The writing process began with Starks crafting guitar riffs and vocal melodies and jamming with the drummer to perfect the groove. His vision for the EP was to create anthemic, sing-along tracks that resonate in large venues. Recording the album was both challenging and rewarding, as Starks pushed himself beyond his growling vocal comfort zone, blending melodic screams with heavy guitar riffs.

Unchain is a testament to Starks' evolution as an artist, featuring Leroy's precise drumming, Menz's refreshing bass lines, and Jimmy's keen ear for engineering. Starks sums up the EP in five words: "This is badass music, period."

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>> Thursday, 09 May 2024 10:38

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Starks Daemon

Starks Daemon

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About Starks Daemon

Starks Daemon is a prominent figure in African metal music, with a career spanning over 23 years. Born in Botswana, he has served as the frontman for the international band Wrust, a group that has shared the stage with renowned acts like Sepultura, Carcass, Entombed, and Konkhra. Throughout his career, Starks has established himself as a songwriter, rock/metal vocalist, guitarist, and producer, contributing to the metal scene both locally and internationally.
Towards the end of 2023, Starks Daemon decided to focus on his solo career due to multiple line-up changes within Wrust. This transition led him to reimagine some of the songs originally written for Wrust's upcoming album, infusing them with melodic elements and emphasizing groovy, easy-to-follow rhythm sections. He began by re-recording "Too Deep," the first-ever Wrust ballad, where he added more leads and tonal variations to the verses, enriching the song's texture.
Starks Daemon's new solo work culminated in the release of the EP titled "Unchain," which debuted online on March 3, 2024. The title track from this EP quickly gained traction, climbing to the top spot on the African Metal charts, where it remained for four weeks. With his unique blend of melodic vocals and brutal guitar riffs, Starks has successfully transitioned to a solo career while maintaining a strong presence in the African metal scene.


Starks Daemon - Unchain

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