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Review: Choices Made – Reason For Conflict

| EP

Choices Made pull no punches in the scathing appeal to the contemporary human condition that is their latest EP Reason for Conflict.

By Daniel Lückhoff-Wessels

Published Tuesday, 01 June 2021 08:13

After forming in 2018 Choices Made have been tearing up Toronto’s punk scene and building a brand based around a no-nonsense, gut-punch sound that draws inspiration from the Californian punk scene and classic New York hardcore.

It must be said that there isn’t all that much boundary-pushing going on, however, I don’t think Reason for Conflict was ever intended to try and break the mould but rather to try and perfect it and use it as a weapon against those with evil intent.

The end result is something that’s catchy, revolutionary, and surprisingly easy to digest given its musical niche. Without sacrificing an ounce of impact Choices Made have honed in on a sound that’s focused and sophisticated, not giving in to the temptation of making noise for the sake of it.

Every song is driven by determined, deliberate aggression that sets the tone for vocalist Josh’s assault on the condition humanity finds itself in, blasting by with the kind of conviction that’s impossible to deny or disregard, the lyrics pelting the ears into submission.

In the last year and a bit, we’ve been subjected to a ceaseless onslaught of political music and most of it gets lost in the noise but Reason for Conflict stands out. The maturity that’s woven into Choices Made’s hardcore/punk sound makes the EP easier to digest which gives its messages the freedom to make their mark.

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Hardcore Punk, Choices Made

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Choices Made

Choices Made

  • Hardcore Punk

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About Choices Made

Choices Made are a 4-piece hardcore punk outfit from Canada who have started rising up through the latenight, gritty cracks of Toronto’s sidewalks and dropping a bombshell of live shows across Ontario.


Choices Made - Reason For Conflict

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