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KAT and Mark Haze To Drop EDM Pop-rock Homage To 'Tokyo'

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Kat and Mark Haze release a music video for their EDM-Pop-Rock Earworm Fusion homage to 'Tokyo'

By Underground Press

Published Thursday, 20 July 2023 08:04

Multi-instrumentalist, looper and international live musician Kat and seasoned South African Rock singer-songwriter Mark Haze have teamed up to deliver a sensational Music Video for their captivating homage to Kat’s favourite city Tokyo. This energetic and upbeat collaboration challenges convention by uniquely fusing EDM, Pop, and Rock in a distinctive fashion that will have fans of all genres merrily singing along to this earworm.

The Music Video will be available on Kat's YouTube tomorrow, but you can already watch it here now!

Kat shares, "This is my homage to my favourite city on earth. Tokyo has the most unique energy about it compared to anywhere else I have been. Everything I speak of in the song is something I experienced and loved about the city, from the Godzilla hotel, Sakura drinks, and the 8-bite bar. What I love and relate to most is the passion and care that the local people have for their art, whatever that might be. From a world-class musician to a McDonald’s cooker, whatever they are making they do it with the utmost care and precision, and I find that so amazing! I want to pay respect and honour the people and city that inspired me in so many ways, from their anime, music, and their lifestyle. The people of Japan inspire me with their kindness and consideration for others, which is something I have rarely encountered like this anywhere else. I hope the energy of this song can reflect the feeling of being in Tokyo. We made the song upbeat with an EDM feel to reflect the fast-paced city, and we added specific effects to reflect the anime and the culture of the city. This song is my love letter to Tokyo.”

Mark Haze Web Photo By Carlo Coetzee Photography

Mark Haze Web Photo By Carlo Coetzee Photography

Mark Haze (Featured Artist & Producer) shares that “I am proudly part of the team that broke Kat onto the scene. She had some great success with the release of her previous singles, and the world got to see and hear what she is all about. She is unique, there is no doubt. I love the creativity she brings to the table, which allows me as a producer to really be free and experiment with various styles, to cross over and blur the lines when it comes to genre, and to really think outside of the box. ‘Tokyo’ is no different. She came to me with a whole collection of newly written songs, most of which were just the bare bones of the tracks. As usual, she knew exactly where she wants the style of the song to go, which is very mature and extremely helpful to a producer. She also leaves certain areas open to interpretation for me to collaborate and add something else that she hadn’t necessarily thought of. When I first heard ‘Tokyo’, the chorus immediately jumped out at me, but the best part was the listing of references to her favourite place throughout the verses was what hooked me in. I referenced various Japanese cultural sounds and styles and slipped them into track, from Anime, traditional, martial arts movies, to sound effects. Kat asked if I would collaborate with her on the track as an artist, like before on some previous tracks, so I had to find a way to place my own style into hers, but not distract from what was happening. I basically channelled all the Japanese-influenced movies and TV shows I watched as a kid, like Transformers, Power Rangers, Volcron, and Pokèmon, and created a ‘showdown/fight scene’ theme. She loved it! As for the rest of the song, I basically tried to replicate her genuine love and excitement for the city of Tokyo and attempt to transfer those feelings to everyone else. I think this new single is going to propel her to a new level in the industry and really cement her place as an entertainer and songwriter.”

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Kat is a highly compelling South African singer, multi-instrumentalist, looper and international live musician. Recognised globally for her energetically dynamic performances, which comprise a little bit of everything for all ages to enjoy, Kat is an irresistible creative who skilfully fuses Blues, Rock, Pop, Jazz and Electronic in her own incomparable way.
Kat was born into the performing arts world from a young age and this is where her love for being on stage and entertaining audiences began. After performing live all over the world in countries such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa as a professional rock artist and bassist, Kat's live shows present an extensive assortment of her musical influences and always-evolving skillset.



Photo by Bjorn Groenewald

Photography by Bjorn Groenewald