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MONARK Returns With Brand New Single 'Going Home'

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Hailing from Potchefstroom, pop rock band MONARK returns to the South African music scene in 2023 with the release of a brand new single, entitled GOING HOME.

By Underground Press

Published Friday, 31 March 2023 11:15

With two full-length albums and no less than 8 consecutive Top 10 radio singles to their name, MONARK needs no introduction when it comes to commercial success across the airwaves. The band catapulted into the limelight in early 2013 with their debut single ‘Smiling’, and their debut album, Negatives was nominated for 3 SAMA XXI Awards: Best Producer, Best Pop Album and Record of the Year for their single ‘Build It Up’. 

When COVID hit, the band all had families to take care of and, with no means of income from music, they chose to get past the pandemic first. After slowly coming out of the grips of COVID, they felt inspired to put pen to paper for some new songs and realised they still had so much more to give to their fans and the local music scene.

The idea for 'GOING HOME' already surfaced before COVID. The core of the song was finished during the lockdown, with the inspiration being the universal experience and feeling of loneliness and intense longing for a place where everyone can come together, forget about their circumstances and just be themselves.

“GOING HOME is about the realisation that we all need a place to call home, regardless of the fact that it means something different and can be a different place for everyone. Deep in the song, there is also the concept that even in the throes of loneliness, there is a collective spirit or consciousness that will always be there and why we will never, and can never, be truly alone,” says Deon De Klerk.

Recorded and produced by legendary producer and MONARK band member, Ewald Jansen van Rensburg at his POPKULT studios in Potchefstroom, the single starts off softly while drawing the listener into what later progresses into an identifiable, dance number filled with nostalgic, signature MONARK musical references combined with the latest in production techniques.

Fans can look forward to more brand-new singles from MONARK this year.

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>> Friday, 31 March 2023 11:16

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About Monark

MONARK are a proudly South African pop duo that set out to create and perform internationally aligned songs and productions. The duo is a 5 TIMES SAMA nominated act: Song of the Year, Best Pop Album, Best Producer, Album of the Year and Best Music Video.
Building on their strength of radio success, they boast a total so far of 10 top 10 songs (such as BUILD IT UP, SMILING, SOMETHING, SHOW ME THE LOVE, YOU LIE etc.), 8 of which were number ones on the most prominent South African radio stations. Mixing Eugene’s uniquely characterful vocal delivery - polished with his distinctive falsetto - and Ewald’s unmatched, global production style, MONARK craft soul stirring hooks and songs rich in meaning. 

Performing as a 2/3-piece act, MONARK deliver something completely fresh and unique, and are setting trends sonically and stirring up tastes in the South African music landscape. 
 Their energetic and polished live performances have been incredibly well received by their fans, with MONARK performing on the top stages in the country – including Rocking The Daisies, Durban Day, Kirstenbosch Gardens, Parklife, 94.7 Joburg Day, KFM 94.5’s KDAY, Splashy Fen, KKNK, Durban Botanical Gardens etc.


Monark - Going Home

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Photo by Daniel Craig Johnson

Photo by Daniel Craig Johnson

Photography by Daniel Craig Johnson